So what’s it all about then?

Hello there

My name is Stuart Templeton and I welcome you to my Mediocre Modelling site.

I see this site as a natural extension of my ‘Workbench Window’ thread on the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum (or UAMF for short), and somewhere I can log the trials and tribulations of my not very talented modelling adventures.

I’m a pretty basic ‘old school’ modeller at heart, I like to keep things simple and mainly ‘Out of the Box’. I build mostly Classic British Kits of dubious vintage (yeah Matchbox!) and am a proud user of the Hairy Stick (mainly a number 4), Humbrol paints and the odd Rattle Can – But I do love to experiment.

I hope you will find something interesting here (as if anyone’s actually reading this), and hopefully as I progress and improve, some of the techniques and ideas I find will help you too.

Thanks for looking in and Happy Modelling!


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