It’s Work-Bench Wednesday!

OK so what’s on my work-bench today?

Well the main kit I’ve been tinkering with is Matchbox’s Phantom FGR.1/.2 kit in 1/72.


This is a great old kit this, I’m really enjoying it. Here’s where I am now – the good old filling and sanding stage (which I happen to enjoy).


Actually the fit isn’t that bad. The main reason for the filler is to level out the uneven surfaces. The only gaps I’ve had were at the wing roots and I suspect thats mainly down to me and my haste to get the wings on. I’ll feed in a bit of plastic strip and finish it with ‘Perfect Plastic Putty’. The fit on the intakes was the best I’ve ever seen on a kit.

This kit gets a lot of bad press for the shape around the nose and canopy – and that maybe so on the original release. However I have the later MB boxing from after Revell bought them out and from what I can see they’ve added a new nose to the kit, moulded the RWR to the tail and added in the small windows to the framing between the front and rear seats – good stuff!

I’ve stuck it up against some plans I have and all seems fine – it certainly looks like an FGR.2 to me.

Forgotten and Future Projects.

Over the past few days I’ve been re-reading a few of my older posts and I’ve noticed that I’ve forgotten a few of my old projects – the Classic Kit Reviews, the Airfix F-16A, Matchbox Madness etc. – I intend to pick those back up.

One of the reasons I don’t post on here much I think is that most of the time the content I want to put up has already been on a number of Forums, and therefore gone a bit stale. Because of that I don’t think I’ve ever completed a build on here from start to finish – therefore I’m going to start posting up some builds that will be seen nowhere else.

My long term aim has always been is to have all of my builds recorded here – so I can keep the history. I’m not expecting anyone to read it, but it’ll be a nice to have for my own sake, especially if I start moving away from some of the forums I’m on in one way or another (o Bruce – not SPAM).

Anyway – off to bed now. Stay tuned for a new build from me (even though I don’t need another WIP – I have 7 already!)

Cheers and happy Modelling.







    1. Thanks! It’s still stuck at the sanding stage untill whilst I was getting my Monogram Hawker Typhoon up to the same build state – Hopefully I get the prep done soon and get painting.
      The new Airfix Phantom is supposed to be good if you can find one.

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