Perfect Storm – Hawker Tempest

I just thought I’d share one of my recent finishes – The old FROG 1/72 Hawker Typhoon mk.V.

It’s a cracking little kit this, even if lacking in detail – but not bad for a 1960’s (ish) tooling.

The model was painted with those nice Hataka Blue line brush paints. The weathering was Humbrol weathering powders dry-brushed on.

So I’ve not been about much. I’ve had a pretty rough time over the past year in regards to real-life… Well work anyway. But now it’s sorted I’m trying yo get back up to date with all of my little projects. I’ll give a more in depth update tomorrow as I have a few more finishes and a heap of WIP.

I also need somewhere to vent – which is why we blog I suppose. I’ve been doing the forum thing again for a few months but I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I just don’t fit in. Which is why I guess I’m back here – I’ve  always been ok in my own head.

Anyway – more pictures.






Oh and in case you were wondering about the SR-53 – It’s still in WIP. What a cool kit though – I’ll do  build review when it’s done.

Cheers all!




  1. Thank you for your update, Stuart. My perspective on the Forum changes a lot, but I want you to know I am in your corner and I have your back, for what that is worth. I do not think I am the only one who will want you to stay there, either.

    I apologize if I ever let you down and if you feel nobody gets you, I feel I do, but I would like you to tell me if there is anything I can do better.

    Look—it’s presumptuous of me I know—but I feel I get why you like to build at your own pace and keep things as pure as possible. Intellectually that is how I approach the older models too. It makes sense, and you are doing the right thing.

    So I think I may be failing you some other way or the Forum is failing you… but only you are able to answer this.

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    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot.

      I’ll answer them straight away by saying that neither you or any member of any forum has failed me in anyway whatsoever. Quite the opposite in fact – I love all of the forums I post on – if it wasn’t for them I’d probably have no contact with anyone outside my family and work.

      And I think you’re a great guy, so don’t worry! If I was lucky enough to be able to visit the States there are 5 people I’d love to meet up with, and you, Carlos and Mark are three of them.

      I think the failing is more to do with myself, asides from being stretched too thinly by being a member of several on-line communities and not being able to devote enough of my limited on-line time to any of them, I’m also aware/worry that I have a grating personality – that seems to be worse when I write stuff down.

      I’m increasingly feeling that I’m on the outside in most things in my life. I’m pretty convinced that if it wasn’t for work and my family – I’d hardly ever speak to anybody. I can’t blame that on anyone else but myself and some long standing issues that I have to deal with everyday – If I lived in the US I’d probably be a good long term case for a shrink!

      Anyway – as I said, thanks for the reply but please don’t worry.




      1. If there is any thing you need—encouragement or feedback or advice—let me know, Stuart. We may build alone in reality but our virtual group is a shared resource. I am glad you are part of the forum and happy you are staying part of it. You are one of the best and most informative members I met when I joined a year ago. Your forum experience shows.

        My take on joining more than one forum is similar to yours and being stretched thin is a good way to describe what happens. Significant content is limited. On Brit Modeler the Missouri Armada thread is outstanding and I have often wanted to join the forum to personally thank the Modeler directly. What stops me is my own need to set limits.

        Like you I find SPAM to be a unique and wonderful place. I feel good there.

        As far as your personality I see no indications of being grating at all. What I do want you to think about is setting aside your natural tendency to be so critical of your own work. I do see changes in your recent posts here that I take as positive signs.


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      2. Thanks again for those kind words. You’re right in that we are very lucky that we don’t have to enjoy this hobby in isolation.
        I am very critical of my own work it’s true – hence the name of the blog. I guess all I see are the faults – but I think that’s pretty common. I’m not sure they’re worth writing a blog about!



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