It’s really about time I updated this…


Sorry I’ve not updated this in a while – I’ve been lacking in the modelling mojo recently and have not been at the bench that much.

I did however, finish the Hobbyboss 1/72 Hellcat.

What a super little kit this is – Great fun. It was Brush painted with Humbrol (boo!) and Hataka (yeah!) Acrylics and decals by Xtradecal.


More proper updates to follow!




  1. Nice to have you back. Great job on the Hellcat. I am thinking about what paints I want to use for painting. Hataka brand is definitely of interest to me. Do you have any thoughts on paints from your perspective? Thanks.


    1. Thanks Bruce, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

      I’ve brush painted with both their red-line (for airbrushes) and Blue-line (for Hairy sticks) paints and been pretty impressed with the results – I need to do more research on them though. Hey that sounds like an idea for a future post!




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