It’s WorkBench Wednesday!

I think I must have gone a bit mad over the Easter Holidays – it must have been all of that chocolate after 8 weeks of dieting (-2st 3lbs – woohoo!). Not only did I manage to progress the Corsair a little bit, I also started three other kits (asides from the two F-16’s in wip as well). The one I want to mention today is the HobbyBoss Easybuild 1/72 Grumman Hellcat (the other two are A-4’s).

DSCN5531.JPG   Here it is in all it’s simple glory on the bench this morning – It’s a great kit this – all of 25 parts and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. Time’s been a bit scare on the bench this week, but I have managed to get a fair bit of this painted up, and since these pictures were taken (I’ve lost my light) I’ve also added a decal ip and seatbelts from my spares bin (thanks Lee). Tomorrow I think I’ll have the main components together ready for paint – pictures to follow.

Here’s the detail you get on the engine and in the pit – not the best but it’ll do with some added decals. You won’t see much through the glass anyway.  The engine should look a bit better with some dry-brushing and a wash.


I’m impressed with the quality of the kit – the plastic is really nice to work with, there’s not a lot of flash, the fit seems good and I’m impressed with the mouldings. More of these kits to follow I think.

I have Jon Bius to thank for my growing interest in Hobby Boss kits – thanks Jon! I suggest you read his blog if you don’t already – not only is he a seriously good model maker, he’s a great guy as well.

Cheers All & and thanks for reading.




    1. Hi Jeff. A mk.II? I’ll have to look into that as I’ve not got one of those in the collection. What did it come out like? I have to say I’m really impressed with this kit, just as I was with the mig-15 I built a good few years back. More to follow I think.


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