Matchbox Madness Part 2 – H.S Hawk T.1

I managed to finish part two of my Matchbox Madness* builds over the weekend – the Hawker Siddely/BAE Systems Hawk T.1A. This was always one of my favourite kits when I was young and I built loads of them, I even tried to teach my brother how to build one once… what a waste…


This one is done up as a TWU aircraft operating out of RAF Brawdy in the 1980’s, using xtradecal’s excellent Hawk T.1 sheet.

I really enjoyed seeing this kit come together – it wasn’t easy, as the hard plastic made for some difficult sanding, but I think it came out rather well. I’ll certainly build another! Next time However I’ll add the missing strakes and wing fences (the kit’s based on the prototype), and maybe add that Airwaves PE cockpit.



I hope you like it!



*My Matchbox Madness builds are a series of Matchbox kits I started building last year – these are all kits I have fond memories of as a child and am re-visiting them as a bit of nostalgia.



  1. Nice to see articles about these old but nice kits! Nowadays we just see the ultra new tamigawas and chinas kits on the bench. By the way I have a nice Matchbox Hawk 200 to start too…


    1. Thanks Rafael! Yeah I love the oldies – You can’t beat a good bit of nostalgia and I like seeing what can be done with the old stuff nobody else bothers with.
      The Hawk 200 is a great kit – I built one a while ago and should really do another.


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