It’s Workbench Wednesday!

Having completed my Hawk, I’ve been trying to move on the Corsair and the MB F-16. Both are SOD builds and I’m not enjoying either, but I really want them of the bench and onto the shelf, as they’re both killing my mojo to start anything new.

As you can see from thee Pictures – The F-16 is having some heavy duty (250 Grit!) sanding to remove the ‘issues’ I made myself when I tried to remove the tail and jet pipe…


And with my trusty tin Airfix mug of coffee – I’m finally getting all the little bits of the Cosair started…


So what’s on your bench today?





  1. Hello Stuart from Agape!

    I’m currently working on the AMT KC-135D for the FB on Agape and I have determined when it and the other AMT -135 are done, I’m never buying another one. 😖

    Soft plastic, misaligned parts, lousy fit. I’m starting to believe the pictures in FSM must be photoshopped! Lol.

    Also on the bench are Monograms 1/48 F-105D and F-15 plus a highly classified project I’m planning on taking to TolCon in September. That one will be unveiled at some point IF I ever get around to getting the paints I need. 😁


    1. Hi William and thanks for the comment (and for reading!)

      Yes it sounds like you’ve been having a fair bit of trial with that beast – I don’t think I’d fancy tackling it. I’m sure you’ll crack it though – I really liked the ice lolly tick idea!
      Looking forward to seeing the ‘secret project’ (It’s a Tomcat isn’t it?)




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