It’s Work Bench Wednesday!

Over on the ‘Scale Modelers Critique Group’ they have this thing called ‘Work-Bench Wednesday’, where people post up a picture of their bench every Wednesday.

I thought that was such a good idea I’d do a tribute to it.


There’s not much going on at present…

The Matchbox F-16A is one of my SOD builds that I’m trying to finish. It’s a very basic kit and largely devoid of detail. It’s really a nostalgia build as part of my ‘Matchbox Madness’ theme.

At present I’m in the process of re-fitting the jet pipe assembly which I’d removed earlier, with the intention of fitting a part from a more detailed kit. Alas it didn’t fit. Thankfully I hadn’t ditched the previous part, so on it went on again – along with a lot of filler and spare sprue to fill in the razor saw cuts.

I’ve also pulled an Airfix F-16A out of the stash as well (Finally made my mind up on what to build next) – more on that in my next post.


On my other bench (I have two workspaces) I have my other two SOD builds – The Matchbox H.S Hawk and the Italeri Corsair. I’m not very happy with either of these builds but I’m still pushing to get them off the bench. The Hawk is nearly ready for pre-decal gloss and the Corsair just needs it’s minor bits built and painted.

What’s on your bench this Wednesday?


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