What’s your favourite completed model?

Over on the Agape Models forum somebody recently asked the question – ‘What’s your favourite COMPLETED model and why?’ I thought that was such a good idea for a question I decided to post up the answer here.

My favourite completed model is my oooooooold tool Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon mk.Ib. Now by no means is this my BEST build, but it is my favourite. The reason being it’s not only the first model I built when I got back into modelling in 2010, but it was the first model I built when I was a child.


The first time around, I remember being given it by my mother telling me that I could build it with my Dad when he got home from work – NO WAY! Me and the lad next door built it sneekely in my bedroom that afternoon. My Dad was less than happy when he got home and found out.

Anyway I digress, when I got back into modelling, this ‘ere tiffy was my first completed build (not my first started kit you understand) and I was very proud of it. Not only was it the first time I’d EVER painted a kit to the instructions so it actually looked like it was supposed to, but I also used an Airwaves PE set and some resin extras. Getting back into modelling was a real eye opener, I’d never even heard of After Market before then – what a wonderful place Hannants is!


It was badly brush painted with un-thinned Humbrol Enamels and those horrible clears they make in those tinlets. As you can see there are finger prints all over it, blobs of some brown stuff everywhere, badly silvered decals and what on earth was I thinking when I painted the canopy. I also dropped a box on it at one point and snapped off the U/C – so I just slapped it back on with some superglue. On the plus side I did a reasonable job off adding the PE and resin bits (the bomb racks and gun barrels) and I did at least realise the detail was missing from the rear of the intake and tried to cut out the flap and make a hole – I hope I showed some potential.


(I’ve just noticed the release pin marks on the inside of the U/C doors – or is that ‘Detail’?)

I’ve often thought about reworking this build and sorting out the errors, but I don’t think I ever will. I use it as a yardstick to how much I’ve progressed over the years.

The other reason I love it is it’s by far and away my favourite type of aircraft – The Hawker Typhoon/Tempest  line of were great looking aircraft with that huge airframe and massive intake – They also packed a real punch – as many a tank commander found out.

It makes you wonder why I’ve never in 7 years built another one… I might have to address that.

So then – What’s your favourite completed model, and why?



  1. Stuart, I remember the first model I built and completed was a Sopwith Camel, kit 801, from Guillow, Inc. The kit was stick-and-tissue and I built it on a card table set up in a corner of my Dad’s workroom. He helped me start the kit, and gave me my first pointers on handling tools. I built the kit box-stock, unpainted, using the ‘rubber-band’ powered flight option. I still remember all of the details of the very first flight and how excited I was to build something that worked, a feeling that was so electric I felt like I could see more clearly; an all-natural endorphin-driven high. That was my first; I think it was also my favorite, and I would have kept it through the years until today except on its third flight, the winds carried the plane off-course and into a dense grove of trees and I never found it again—perhaps a metaphor for growing up—but I like to think that the plane was alright, just caught in the upper branches of a tree perhaps. Thanks for reading and suggesting the idea of this topic. I wish you the best. – Bruce


    1. Thanks for the comment Bruce.

      That’s such a shame you lost it – but I guess that’s the downside of free flight. I tried to get into RC when I was younger but it never realy took off… (pun -oh dear), but I’ve always fancied building some of those balsa and tissue free-flight models. When I have more time and energy someday I will do.


  2. Good question. I would actually come up with two answers, my favorite completed model in my youth and my favorite in my current “life”, so to speak.. 🙂
    My favorite completed model from the 80’s was and still is Matchbox 1/72 BAe Hawk Mk.51 in Finnish camo. One of the fews kits I still have left from those times. I remember I was so proud of the brush painted camo. Also used Humbrol Enamel paints back then.
    My current favorite, might change any time I complete another one, is probably Eduars 1:72 Hellcat, in RAF camo, with “handpainted” invasion stripes.
    I also added some simple scratchbuidling, by replacing the (filled) gun turrets with Albion Alloys brass tubes. A small tough up, but makes so big difference!


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