End of Month update – March 2017.

Around the end of each month I plan to do a little update on what’s currently on the bench, ideas I’ve had for the blog and any future project ideas. Nothing too complicated, but it’ll hopefully give me some experience actually writing stuff – and writing stuff is the issue I’m having at the moment. I’ve found very quickly that it’s all very well setting up a blog, that’s the easy bit! The really hard part (well for me anyway) is coming up with content that is A) actually readable and B) content that somebody might actually want to read – I’m sure all you other bloggers out there know what this is like.

The other essential to a decent blog (certainly about modelling) is having decent images to go with the text. So I’ve been working on that over the past few weeks too. I’ve dug out and my old EOS 350D DSLR from under the bed, found my 50mm and ventured into the far reaches of the wardrobe for my tripod (I found it propped up against a telegraph pole of all things – and I don’t remember there being so much snow there before…). Hopefully this all means I’ll be able to produce something you can actually see.

Anyway, at the end of this month, what’s on the bench is….


Nothing… well ok, not nothing, I do have two builds on the go, but I’ve pitched them up onto the dreaded ‘SHELF OF DOOM. They weren’t my best work and both ended up as test builds for various techniques. In the meantime I need to choose something else to build.

And that’s where I’ve been stuck over the past few weeks – and trying to figure out what to build next has kind of killed off my mojo for building anything.

At the moment I’m torn behind building a WWII fighter (Martlet, Typhoon maybe?) or a decent jet kit (A-7D, F-14, F-16, EE Lightning… you name it). The other thought I’d had was that I’ve never in my life built (or at least finished) a twin piston engined aircraft; and I do have that rather nice looking Airfix new tool Beaufighter mk.X in post war markings, or that DC-3, or… you see, too many ideas.


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