August Update…

So here it is – the end of the summer (woohoo!) and therefore time for an end of month bench update. It was a good month, now that my mojo has returned somewhat – I still feel like I’m not building for myself in some cases, but then that’s the danger of getting involved in... Continue Reading →


GrundAsk Models – check it out!

Hi All, For those of you that have a love of Bf109's and are on Facebook, please checkout my Friend Kari's website: GrundAsk Models Kari is a throughly nice chap and his love of the 109 is obvious - his builds are first class. He's just about to start work on his first competition entry... Continue Reading →

The golden age of modelling – 1968

Hi All,

Just re-blogged this post from the rather excellent chap that is Steve Budd – please check out his Blog.

As it is I agree – Blooming well said Steve! There’s rubbish enough in modern life already. Why therefore we let this hobby try to drag us down (Me included) is just daft – it’s something I’m trying to kick against – sometimes building it like a kid is the BEST therpy.

(oh and I’v bought a copy of the book)

Bad Wolf Modelling

When Chris Ellis first published ‘How to go plastic modelling’ in 1968, I was ten years old and utterly captivated through youthful innocence, by a world of unbridled imagination and creation. Kits were relatively crude in comparison to today, specialist tools were similarly few and the handful of finishing techniques only needed a page or two to fully recount.

Communication between modellers was provincial, confined mainly to club meetings and landline telephone calls. It was a time of comparative simplicity but unbeknown to the modelling populace, there was one facet of the period that is now only apparent looking back – a blissful absence of the insidious unhappiness, introspection, complaint and dissatisfaction that has entrenched itself in today’s hobby culture.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that with stratospheric quality and quantity prevalent in kits, materials, techniques and tools, that pleasure, satisfaction and contentment in the hobby would be at commensurate…

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Time for a quick bench update!

First off - I'm sorry to my few subscribers (are you mad!!??!?) for not updating very much recently. I've been having a few problems at home and at work that kind of killed my desire to build, take pictures and post recently - certainly since May anyway. But I have started building again - here's... Continue Reading →

It’s WorkBench Wednesday!

I think I must have gone a bit mad over the Easter Holidays - it must have been all of that chocolate after 8 weeks of dieting (-2st 3lbs - woohoo!). Not only did I manage to progress the Corsair a little bit, I also started three other kits (asides from the two F-16's in... Continue Reading →

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