It’s WorkBench Wednesday!

I think I must have gone a bit mad over the Easter Holidays - it must have been all of that chocolate after 8 weeks of dieting (-2st 3lbs - woohoo!). Not only did I manage to progress the Corsair a little bit, I also started three other kits (asides from the two F-16's in... Continue Reading →

It’s Workbench Wednesday!

Having completed my Hawk, I've been trying to move on the Corsair and the MB F-16. Both are SOD builds and I'm not enjoying either, but I really want them of the bench and onto the shelf, as they're both killing my mojo to start anything new. As you can see from thee Pictures -... Continue Reading →

It’s Work Bench Wednesday!

Over on the ‘Scale Modelers Critique Group’ they have this thing called ‘Work-Bench Wednesday’, where people post up a picture of their bench every Wednesday. I thought that was such a good idea I’d do a tribute to it. There’s not much going on at present... The Matchbox F-16A is one of my SOD builds... Continue Reading →

What’s your favourite completed model?

Over on the Agape Models forum somebody recently asked the question – ‘What’s your favourite COMPLETED model and why?’ I thought that was such a good idea for a question I decided to post up the answer here. My favourite completed model is my oooooooold tool Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon mk.Ib. Now by no means... Continue Reading →

End of Month update – March 2017.

Around the end of each month I plan to do a little update on what’s currently on the bench, ideas I’ve had for the blog and any future project ideas. Nothing too complicated, but it’ll hopefully give me some experience actually writing stuff – and writing stuff is the issue I’m having at the moment.... Continue Reading →

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